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Liquidax Capital provides high-quality IP asset management, valuation, licensing, sales, and specialized IP investment services. We work closely with portfolio owners and enable them to gain valuable returns for their intellectual property investments.

What we do

Our Services

Patent Sales & Licensing

We help corporations generate a return on their investment in patent portfolios by offering expert assistance in licensing, selling, and managing compensation, royalties, and audits, accelerating revenue growth.

Patent Valuation

We use industry-standard methods and advanced patent valuation analytics to assess the value of your patent portfolio to support transactions, taking into account all essential details for the benefit of you, your management, shareholders, and financial partners.

IP Advisory, Assessments & Risk Management

We serve a wide range of clients & provide comprehensive patent and portfolio assessments that examine all aspects of the IP, enabling informed decision-making for critical business needs.

IP Investment & Lending Solutions

We assist organizations in leveraging their IP assets for growth opportunities and secure debt funding and investment capital for continued growth.

Innovation PIPEs for Pre-IPO and Public Companies

Our Innovation PIPE™ empowers SPAC, pre-IPO, and public Micro, Small & Mid Cap companies to overcome market and technology limitations by providing strategic capabilities and resources.

The Liquidax difference

What Makes Us Different

Liquidax Capital’s greatest attributes are our clients and partners’ size, scale, and scope. Our focus is on providing clients with top-tier IP asset management & investment services, ensuring they have the most profitable, efficient, and professional way forward. With a dedicated focus on driving increased liquidity for our clients & partners, we provide innovative and strategic sell-side and buy-side services.

“AHA uses Liquidax Captial for critical IP asset portfolio assessments, valuations, and licensing solutions. The firm has licensed our foundational analytics IP to many of the world’s top technology companies to identify revenue-generating opportunities.”

Rob Lange, CEO of AHA Analytics Software, LLC & Venture Partner, Shoreline Venture Management 

Industries & Sectors

Who We Serve

Aerospace, Defense & Government


Business & Technology Enabled Products & Services 

Consumer, Leisure & Retail


Financial Technologies & Services 

Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Industrial & Manufacturing


Our team is made up of global experts

Who We Are

Liquidax Capital is a leading IP Asset Management firm operating at the intersection of intellectual property & capital markets.

Our focus is on making sure clients achieve significant returns, value & growth from their IP asset portfolio investments.

The Liquidax team has decades of leadership experience from technology, finance, legal, private equity, VC, accounting, and fundraising sectors.

Our clients and partners are companies at various stages in their lifecycle who are seeking to extract and maximize the inherent value of their IP.


IP Asset Management + Patent Valuations, Investments, Sales & Licensing

Value & Growth

Increasing Value & Accelerating Growth for Companies Across All Lifecycle Stages

25 Years

Our Partners Have Over 25 Years In Global IP Leadership, Valuation & Transaction Experience

Global Locations

Supporting Clients, Partners, & Investors Worldwide

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