Industries We Serve

As an IP Asset Management firm, Liquidax works with a variety of clients, including businesses, private equity funds, institutions of all sizes, and more.


Who We Serve

As a patent management, investment, and advisory firm providing both sell-side and buy-side solutions, Liquidax works with a variety of clients, including businesses, private equity funds, and institutions of all sizes.

We offer patent valuations, patent sales, patent licensing, and advisory for sell-side clients. For buy-side clients, we provide investment and portfolio acquisition solutions.


Industries & Sectors We Work With


Aerospace, Defense, and Government Sector

The Aerospace, Defense, and Government services sector includes aerospace manufacturers, defense contractors, government service providers, and space technology companies


Agriculture Sector

Agriculture sees unique innovation from blending legacy 
activities and operations with new digital innovations developed out of today’s necessities. This industry includes crop and livestock production, equipment manufacturers, food processing, and more.


Business & Tech Enabled Products & Services

Technology-enabled products and services include businesses that provide a service or product using specialized proprietary and patented technologies that offer individual consumers or companies a product. This massive sector includes technologies of many types, whether systems, methods, or components are complete technologies.


Consumer, Leisure, and Retail Sector

The consumer, leisure, and retail sector includes restaurants and food services, consumer goods manufacturers, home products, e-commerce companies, retailers, and businesses that provide leisure and entertainment activities to consumers.


Energy Sector

The energy industry comprises companies involved in producing and selling energy, including fuel extraction, refining, and distribution. Historically this has meant fossil fuels, but now 
this includes renewable & alternative energy such as solar, 
wind, water, biomass (biofuels & waste), and geothermal. Additional hydrogen, electric batteries, and other technologies 
are to be included. With the recent IRA – Inflation Reduction Act, more energy investments and renewables projects will be funded by commercializing and scaling new energy technologies. Liquidax represents sizable energy companies, from green energy to 
fossil fuels.


Financial Technologies & Services

The financial technologies (Fintech) and services market include lending, investment management, insurance, brokerages, payments, and fund transfer services, among many other new startup technologies. The advance of AI also ushers in a new wave of technology solutions. Liquidax works with many software technologies focused on payments, cybersecurity, social network solutions, authentication, and more.


Healthcare & Medical Technologies

The massive healthcare industry consists of many moving parts and sub-sectors, resulting in many technologies, new devices, services, and applications and a need for patent licensing, valuation, and management. This sector includes healthcare support and service providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, health insurance companies, SaaS providers, medical research companies, and more. The healthcare industry is poised to see dramatic technology shifts over the next 10-15 years. Liquidax represents many healthcare solutions across the spectrum.


Industrial & Manufacturing

The industrial sector includes companies whose businesses manufacture and distribute capital goods, including construction, engineering, research, logistics, and building products.



The transportation sector comprises companies providing services to move people or goods, including airlines, air freights, roads and highways, trucks, railways, logistics, and ports. This includes a major technological push into autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, drones, and other advanced transportation technologies.

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