Liquidax Provides Intellectual Property Asset Portfolio Sales, Licensing, Valuation, Lending and Investment Solutions for Private, Pre-IPO, and Public Companies Worldwide


We assess, research, advise, manage, partner and/or invest into technology & innovation asset portfolios for global clients

Our Services

Liquidax is one of the most active IP Asset Management, Advisory, and IP Investment firms in the United States, with a unique set of intellectual property capabilities specially tailored to serve the needs of global corporations, private equity, venture capital, investors, and institutions.

After spending 30 years representing Fortune 500 companies, Liquidax was founded in 2014 to specialize in providing clients with both sell-side and buy-side services. 

This includes comprehensive IP Asset Management, including Strategic Portfolio Customization for Market Control within changing industries, Direct Investments, and Portfolio Acquisition, among other things.

The sell-side asset management services include patent asset valuation, patent portfolio sales & licensing, advisory, assessments, and risk management solutions. 

For buy-side clients, we also provide access to capital, due diligence, and acquisition of market-leading portfolios that enable company transformation, shareholder and stock growth, competitive market and sector positions, and market growth.


Liquidax is dedicated to providing high-quality services that add value to your business.

Since 2014, Liquidax has been dedicated to providing advanced IP asset management and professional patent management and portfolio assessment, investment, and acquisition services that accelerate our clients’ business transactions and financial success.


IP Asset Management, Advisory, and Investment Services

Our firm’s full suite of IP Asset Management capabilities enables clients to achieve accelerated growth, increased liquidity, and long-term shareholder value.

Liquidax utilizes industry standards to ensure that your patent portfolio is valued appropriately. Other platforms quickly spit out commodity-based valuations or use other methods appearing to be a guess; Liquidax considers all of the critical details of your intellectual property assets.

Using the standardized cost, market, and income methods, Liquidax utilizes the latest patent valuation analytics to identify where your patent portfolio sits in a global cohort. We grade your patents and develop a comprehensive patent valuation, assuring you, your management, shareholders, and other financial partners that your portfolio has been properly researched, reviewed, analyzed, vetted, documented, and valued.

Corporations can spend millions of dollars on developing their patent portfolios, but eventually, a time will come when selling or licensing the patent portfolio is required to generate a return on investment. Liquidax has an expert team able to assist you in patent licensing and selling, accelerating a return on investment and increasing revenue. The Liquidax team provides clients with the necessary front-end licensing and sales activities, as well as critical back-end compensation, royalty, and audit management.

Many of our clients are corporations, retail banks, insurance companies, investment banks, venture capital, and private equity funds needing patent and portfolio assessments. Our assessments look at patent and technology portfolios from top to bottom. We leverage the premier patent analytics platform available to look at the IP compared to US, International, and Global cohorts of IP. We dig deep into claims construction, potential infringers, revenue opportunities, expiration impacts, and business opportunities, allowing our clients and partners to obtain solutions that enable them to make critical funding, merger, acquisition, sale, or other business needs. Liquidax allows them to determine the best path forward on all IP-based transactions knowing they have all the details and have made the right decision.

Liquidax is here to assist you in leveraging and managing your IP assets to aid your growth opportunities. Whether your firm is venture-funded or a public or private company, you may need new investment capital – whether debt or equity.

Liquidax Capital helps clients and partners by utilizing its investment expertise and network of lenders and investors to provide organizations with superior IP assets with potential access to capital. If you have a company with an exceptional IP portfolio, Liquidax can help you leverage those assets for added debt funding and investment capital to assist your company in continued growth.

Liquidax Capital has developed the Innovation PIPE™ providing SPAC, pre-IPO, and public Micro, Small & Mid Cap companies with the strategic capability to overcome competitive, market, and technology limitations. Many companies don’t have the innovation resources, leading-edge intellectual property portfolios, or extra capital to break out across the industry to grow where they want or should be. Many companies struggle with evolutionary and revolutionary innovation because their existing businesses drain investment capital, and where they have to put more focus on quarterly returns. Therefore, it is hard to turbocharge your patent and technology portfolios, keeping you at lower valuations and limited shareholder growth.

Liquidax invests by providing companies with Innovation PIPEs. We assist in identifying and acquiring superior patent portfolios and technologies that support operational, technology, market, and valuation growth. We combine our Innovation PIPEs with capital, so partner companies can elevate to higher market positions and increased share valuations.

We focus on helping our partners and their shareholders achieve accelerated and increased liquidity, growth, and value.

Liquidax provides “Strategic Patent Customization and Portfolio Construction” to key clients in national and global markets. We offer a comprehensive approach to strategically developing, filing, positioning, and leveraging patents to protect clients’ market positions and quickly navigate rapidly changing industries. This strategy involves customizing patent portfolios to align with the company’s overall business objectives and competitive landscape as markets are currently or about to begin making massive changes.

Overall, Strategic Patent Customization and Portfolio Construction is essential for companies seeking to maintain their competitive edge, drive innovation, and adapt to the dynamic nature of rapidly changing industries.

By strategically managing their patent portfolios, companies can protect their market positions, maintain competitive advantages, preserve market share, exploit new opportunities, facilitate innovation, mitigate legal risks, navigate through challenges, and maintain investor confidence while ultimately contributing to their long-term success and profitability.


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