Electric Vehicle – Battery Management Systems; Technology Proven to Lower Temperatures, Increase Performance & Distance by at least 20%

Electric Vehicle – Battery Management Systems; Technology Proven to Lower Temperatures, Increase Performance & Distance by at least 20%

  • Multi-Chemistry Battery Systems
  • Adaptive Energy Regeneration
  • Battery Systems Control
  • Homopolar Generators
  • Inverters, Propulsion, Controls
  • Hardware, Software, Demo Platforms, etc.

Liquidax Capital, a leading Intellectual Property Asset Management, Investment, and Advisory firm is pleased to announce that it now exclusively represents an advanced high-quality patent and technology portfolio. The portfolio is a global portfolio of patents with developed hardware, software, controls, demonstration test beds, vehicle(s), support and more.

“We are delighted to have been selected to represent this portfolio as it is highly relevant and timely. Battery manufacturers are jockeying for leading market positions and technology innovation is the key to winning in this highly competitive environment. We have initiated early outreach to select companies who will value this intellectual property to immediately apply it in their innovation cycles. It is therefore a fantastic opportunity for companies to secure and bolster their position in this dynamic space” said Vijay Rao, a Managing Director at Liquidax Capital.

He added, “The global electricity storage capacity is projected to grow from 4.9 GW installed in 2020 to 70 GW installed in 2030, according to Wood Mackenzie. That’s a whopping 30.5% 10-year CAGR! A stricter regulatory environment, increasing adoption of EVs and a drive to lower total cost of ownership in the alternative energy market makes this patent portfolio highly attractive to players in the automotive, renewable energy (solar & wind) and battery industries. The applications have the potential to vastly improve energy usage and performance thereby delivering significant commercialization and market potential while providing measurable and meaningful benefits to end-users.”

The portfolio consists of a suite of advanced technologies, know-how, trade secrets, and both US and International patents, patent applications, and invention disclosures available for filing. The majority of patent assets in the portfolio do not expire until late in the next decade nearing 2040.  This ensures over two decades of strong market protections, leading competitive positions, and application domination.  Additional commercialization and integration support is available if needed.  The portfolio is also open for acquiring companies to file new IP on top of the existing assets ensuring their vision is continually met.

Liquidax’s analytics partner Randolph Square recently graded the quality of this innovation asset portfolio at over 120%!  This exceptional grade is derived from the strength of the patent claims compared to global competitors, the quality of the backward and forward citations, comparison with other IP assets, and against the companies within the competitive innovation cohort. The Innovation Cohort is constructed by grading the most relevant and similar technology as compared to the subject portfolio. The final cohort is then selected by taking the highest graded cohort assets for each technology group (CPC) and asset type.

Some of the key companies within the Innovation Cohort for this portfolio are listed in alphabetical order: Alphabet, Apple, BMW, CPS Technologies, Dana, Denso, Ford Motor, Gentherm, Gentex, Goertek, Gogoro, GS Yuasa, Hitachi, Honda, Hyundai, IBM, Inventus Power, K2 Energy, Kawasaki, Lear, Lenovo, LG Chem, Lithium, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Modine Manufacturing, Murata, Nissan, Nokia, Panasonic, Porsche, Proterra, Renault, Robert Bosch, Samsung, Sono Motors, Stanley Black & Decker, Stryker, Subaru, Sumitomo, Suzuki, Tesla, Toshiba, Toyota and others.  These companies have a strong presence in the EV space and specifically in the ownership of patents that protect technologies related to battery storage in the electric vehicles market as well at utility scale.

Liquidax Capital, LLC is a private equity-based IP Asset Management, Investment, and Advisory firm.  We operate at the Apex of IP and Capital Markets providing both buyers and sellers with solutions that drive value and increase returns to their shareholders.

Liquidax provides shareholders and management teams with value-added services including our market leading “Innovation PIPEs™”, IP Asset Investments, Portfolio Management including Sales & Licensing, Valuations, and through partnerships can provide up to $100M in IP Lending and Financing.

Liquidax Capital managing partners have offices located in the US and in Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia


To Request Specific Information on this Portfolio:

Portfolio Contact:
Daniel Drolet
Sr. Managing Partner

Media Contact:
Emily Hunt, Senior Associate
[email protected]

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