How do company’s achieve successful digital transformation?

How do company’s achieve successful digital transformation?

Charleston, SC & Austin, TX: February 18, 2020 – Liquidax Capital and Ruckus Innovation are pleased to announce they have entered a global strategic venture combining Ruckus’s industry leading innovation services with Liquidax’s advanced strategic intellectual property management and technology commercialization solutions.

With innovation and technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business; companies are recognizing that they need to accelerate their digital transformation, enhance their competitive positions and continue to increase shareholder value; all while mitigating risk through proven strategies.

Achieve Successful Digital Transformation

Traditional R&D and its internal execution no longer meet the needs of fast-moving technology and product development cycles. Innovation and IP Asset partnerships are critical in the acceleration of development, management, and commercialization cycles to transform today’s technologies, products and services.IP Assets are Critical

Innovation and Intellectual property asset protections are essential and required to gain and maintain a market leadership position in any market sector. Digital and product transformations are much stronger and more successful when secured with US and global patent protection.


The Liquidax-Ruckus venture provides clients with a powerful and strategic solution that begins with the initial ideation process where powerful innovations quickly rise to the top and align with a client’s core business. This allows Ruckus to methodically extract defined innovations needed to dominate markets. Simultaneously, Liquidax rapidly assesses technical claims from 1000’s of patents to strategically identify, correlate and acquire intellectual property assets that protect the innovation. This creates an initial IP asset portfolio and platform protection that matures with continuous expert analysis and development. Liquidax can utilize its investment capital to build this portfolio and platform and exclusively license to clients, finance for clients, or simply provide its solution as a service.

The Liquidax-Ruckus venture brings experts from across the world to support all stages of digital transformation, innovation, commercialization & market protection. This venture is solely dedicated to the success of our clients, ensuring industry leadership and increasing market value.

“The Liquidax-Ruckus venture is an innovative and powerful combination, aimed at bringing client projects into the real world, setting them up for significant market impact.  Ruckus’s extensive experience in innovation methodologies and facilitating client innovation, design and technology industry expertise, and collaborative approach is uniquely complementary to Liquidax’s core offerings,” said Chris Tisdel, Ruckus Innovation President and CEO. “We believe this will allow us to serve clients in a larger, lifecycle approach where we not only facilitate radically impactful ideation, but immediately begin to identify and align value and investment strategies with large market potential.”

“Leveraging the power of Ruckus Innovation to deliver superior front-end ideation and innovation solutions to clients allows Liquidax to match the highest-performing intellectual property assets at all levels, ensuring clients achieve superior market leading technologies and the proprietary rights needed to dominate markets and drive accelerated growth and shareholder value. Liquidax performed significant due diligence on innovation and ideation organizations across the globe and by far the Ruckus team kept rising to the top.  Working closely with the Ruckus team will allow Liquidax to provide the most strategic, most competitive and strongest intellectual property asset portfolios for every client ensuring new innovations come out the gate with significant patent protections,” said Daniel Drolet, Liquidax CEO. “Together, working as one team, we will rapidly unlock the full potential of a client’s new digital innovation.”


Shifting to a digital economy equals moving physical assets & services to the digital world.  Digital technology is quickly shifting from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation & disruption for global industries. Where it took 20 years on average for a Fortune 500 company to have a billion-dollar valuation, digital startups are now doing it in less than 4 years. Forty percent of Fortune 500 Businesses acknowledge they will be out of business in 5-7  years if they don’t rapidly adapt to the new requirements. Large-scale re-invention and sweeping transformations provide unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture, the biggest payouts will go to those that initiate digital disruptions with the Liquidax-Ruckus venture now.

About Liquidax

Liquidax is an IP asset management and technology commercialization firm that strategically supports companies experiencing digital disruption and market transformation. Most Liquidax clients already have successful operations in place but need new digital technology solutions, increased patent protections to gain and maintain market leadership positions, and commercialization support.

Liquidax either invests its own capital to support its clients, provides IP financing, or simply provides solutions as a service.  Liquidax solutions are faster, lower cost and have less risk compared to traditional R&D, Tech Transfer, or digital mergers and acquisitions.

Liquidax is made up of a global team with expertise in IP assets and technology commercialization.  We enable clients to develop innovation strategies, obtain IP and correlating technologies & execute market leading digital solutions quickly, efficiently and cost effectively; all while achieving superior competitive positions and increased shareholder value. To learn more about Liquidax, please visit

About Ruckus

Ruckus Innovation is a professional facilitation, innovation, strategy development and implementation consulting firm, founded by Chris Tisdel. Ruckus uniquely positioned to assist clients in generating, prioritizing, and commercializing breakthrough ideas that bring tangible business value to their projects, organizations, and industries.  Ruckus brings over 25 years of digital transformation experience in the design, high tech, and capital projects industries and has delivered hundreds of innovation and strategy workshops across a portfolio of public and private organizations.  To learn more about Ruckus Innovation, please visit:

Together, the Liquidax-Ruckus Venture answers the question for company’s when they ask ‘How does my company achieve successful digital transformation?” The answer is simple.

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