Liquidax Secures Foundational “Identity Verification” Patent Portfolio for Representation & Management. Key IP available for Sale, License or Partnership

Liquidax Secures Foundational “Identity Verification” Patent Portfolio for Representation & Management. Key IP available for Sale, License or Partnership

(Charleston, SC) Liquidax Capital, the leading intellectual property investment, advisory, and asset management firm is pleased to announce that it is representing the high-value portfolio of foundational “Identity Verification” (IV) patents and related technologies.

Liquidax has initiated an early outreach to select companies who want to control and maintain the leading competitive positions within the Identity Verification markets, products and related services.

“The FinTech industry and Digitalization is rapidly evolving, and the associated security related needs and applications are vast. As a result, the Global Identity Verification market is exploding and is expected to grow more than 15% CAGR over the next five years.” said Vijay Rao, Managing Director at Liquidax Capital.

“The relentless increase in e-commerce and online trade across the spectrum of industry verticals also means an increase in fraudulent activities and identity theft. The release of this patent portfolio is very timely and a fantastic opportunity for companies wanting to leverage this intellectual property for the protection of their markets, as well as assurances in the funding and development of new key technologies, products, and services that will be protected for years to come and provide peace of mind to their partners and customers”, he added.

Majority of the assets in the portfolio do not expire until the late 2030’s ensuring strong market protection and domination for almost two decades. Recent analytics reports grade the quality of this innovation asset portfolio at 131%. This exceptional grade is derived from the strength of the patent claims compared to competitors, the quality of the backward and forward citations, comparison of other IP assets, and the companies within the competitive innovation cohort. The Innovation Cohort is constructed by grading the most relevant and similar technology as compared to the subject portfolio. The final cohort is then selected by taking the highest graded cohort assets for each technology group (CPC) and asset type.

The key companies within the “Identity Verification” Innovation Cohort are listed in the following order: Visa, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, Mastercard, Ebay, Intel, Capital One, Panasonic, Samsung, Alphabet, Apple, Western Union, JP Morgan, Blackberry Limited, Headwater Research, Paypal, Universal Secure, American Express, Tencent, Pendrell, Toshiba, IBM, and others. These companies have a strong presence in the identity verification markets and specifically in the ownership of patents that protect identity verification technologies, processes, and methods.

The IP assets represented by Liquidax are of superior strength & quality and provide broader claims for verification of individuals including multi-factor authentication across Internet based mobile systems within financial, retail, banking, commerce, and other related transactions.

Liquidax Capital, LLC is a private equity based IP Asset Management, Investment, and Advisory firm. We operate at the apex of IP asset management and financial solutions providing clients with solutions that drive value and increase returns from high-quality assets. We provide firms, funds, public and private companies, shareholders, and management teams with superior solutions including; IP asset investments, portfolio sales & licensing, valuations, IP lending, portfolio & moat customization. This provides partners and clients with superior market rights, disruptive technology positions, and strategic IP solutions enabling market leadership, sector growth, and large shareholder success.

Liquidax Capital managing partners have offices located in the US and International; including Charleston, SC, New York City, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, Sydney, Auckland, Punjab & New Delhi.


For More Information, Contact:
Emily Hunt, Senior Associate
Liquidax Capital, LLC
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